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One-eye is a old wolf with lots of scars,thorn ears,and a cyborg eye.

He is Lynn's new father after Norder passes away.

When he was just a pup,He was taken away by Wolves,Pumas,and some Dogs and if he didn't become an assassin,they would kill his family.He also has a sister named Skyfall.



One-eye,episode 1

Episode 1.When Norder was hunting,the strange wolf One-eye came to kill Norder,Norder says to leave his daughter alone.He was the only wolf around so he had to wash off the blood.He sees puppy Lynn and adopts her.

Episode 2.He left the forest that Lynn lived wile she a pup.One-eye gets angry at Lynn,He also goes out hunting and tries to catch Thunder but fails and also gets attacked by Wolfie

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One-eye trapped