I will be your guardian angel by boltyrandom-d5juxua

Lynn by BoltyRandom


Lynn is a brown wolf with a light brown underbelly,muzzle,etc..She also has thorn ears and a cyborg eye.

She is a very stubborn and adventereous (if I spelled right) wolf eho lives with One-eye.She thinks of him as a real father.She is main protangist of the series.

She meets lots friend like Abra,Shiba,and others.


Episode 1.She is just a pup when she lives with her old father,Norder.She stayed in the den while Norder hunts.She sees her father dead after she explores the forest and was adopted by One-eye.

Epsiode 2.She first appears when she was trying hunt but fails and catches One-eye instead.She meets Abra the cat and worries that her adopted father.