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Welcome to the fan wiki of ALO (All Lone ones)All Lone Ones is an webseries, made by Bolty. The series tells the story about the young wolf Lynn, who lives safely in the Fichten-Walt in Austria. Raised by her adopted father One-eye, kept away from everyone else. One day she meets the stray kitty Abbie, who takes her out of her safe den and tells Lynn a lot about the mountains in Austria and shows her everything that can be seen on the mountain.

One-eye, Lynn and Abby Added by Boltyrandom Then, strange things happen. One-eye dissapears without any sign, and strange wolves take over the forest. It is up to Lynn, Abbie and their team to save the mountain.

Credit goes to BoltyRandom,along with the pictures.

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The only people who can edit the wiki is Me and BoltyRandom only.

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I will be your guardian angel by boltyrandom-d5juxua

Lynn by BoltyRandom

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